Peter Jackson Talks Halo

It seems Peter Jackson has a couple of things to say about the Halo movie and Ain't It Cool News was there when he spoke.

We're still developing a script and we've still got work to go on the script and that's underway, but while that's happening Neill is just producing his vision of this world. It is original and new and has not been seen before on the screen. It's not Ridley Scott, it's not James Cameron, it's not what we've seen before, but it's something new and fresh and it's cool. That was important to us. Someone who was going to not go the cliched way, but go in the direction that they had an original vision for and Neill has got that in spades. We're feeling really, really good. ... I can see that tying all that CG technology to some Lovecraftian horror is going to be awesome.

Via TeamXbox::AICN update Had to add the Lovecraftian quote... Duh pasted wrong part of the line.