PSP Scene

Looks like the PSP scene hijinks are continuing. According to the 'We Are Back' web site someone leaked the source code to the 2.5 launcher. What was WAB's response? Release the 2.5b sources. 12-07-2005 : 2.5 sources since leaked. ( )

We are very proud to bring you all, the wab ms launcher 2.5b sources. We hope you will learn a lot with this code and perhaps build your own launcher from this. Thank to psp-dev for faireplay Since now, we pause all our psp developpemnt. We need to think about re-organition of internal work (two leak in less than 2 weeks) Keep the scene clean.... See ya.... Wab Team.

Then shortly after that they released decrypted ELF versions of the 1.0 and 1.5 update. ( ) > - =- You can now work on a downgrader 1.51 & 1.52 from the decrypted elf updater 1.50. you can get many info and prx like PSAR.prx embeded on the elf the version.txt for the updater embeded in the elf too many good info . happy.gif Kernel Flash device "lflash0:0,0" "lflash0:0,1" "lflash0:0,2" "lflash0:0,3" "fatfmt" "flash0:" "flash1:" "flashfat2:" "flashfat3:" //Updater Version Checker,0,3,1,0:root@psp-vsh system:17756@release_103a,0x01000300: vsh:P4231@updater_for_day1,v11488@updater_for_day1,20050304: // This release is just to show you that we aren't be gone cause : -= WE ARE BACK =- we just make a little halt about psp releasing "in progress" stuff to public or friends... SOrry.... Wab Team.

According to the WAB irc channel we should see V3 in two weeks. We'll have to wait and see what happens...