Ok. This might be a couple of days old but I've been away due to work so it's new to me... Looks like there is a new version PSPmame97! A bunch of people were more then a little confused (where were you during the last release?) when they noticed a bunch of zips inside the main release. I decided to start with this one:


Which is the Techno Soft specific Mame build. The following games don't work at all. All the rest in the set at least get to the title screen and most will get in game (but run really slow). > ctribe - _sbrk_psp:overflow!! ddragon3 - _sbrk_psp:overflow!! wwfwfstj - _sbrk_psp:overflow!! wwfwfest - _sbrk_psp:overflow!! wwfwfsta - _sbrk_psp:overflow!!

Anyway all of the games for this build seem pretty worthless... 'Double Dragon' doesn't even play anywhere near full speed even with turning off the sound and jacking up the CPU speed. The nice thing about this release is that the source has been released for this finally. I grabbed a copy of DevKitPRO ( http://www.devkitpro.org/ ) but I haven't got it to compile yet. I did work out the Makefile issues though (I think). Now, if I can just fix the relocation overflows (I doubt it). At the moment thought the entire Technos build needs a bit of work I doubt it will ever really amount to anything. I've put together a ClrMamePro ( http://www.clrmame.com/ ) dat for the Technos set which you can find here: > http://www.shindakun.net/pspmame_.04_.97_technos.zip

There is a webpage ( http://pspmame.s151.xrea.com/ ) up that with a list of working roms it's in Japanese though... Well, I'm going to try out the Namco set now...