Quake 3 Again?

According to CVG the upcoming QuakeCon is going to feature the first ever Quake Live tournament. While I've never been much of a tournament player or even followed QuakeCon that closely - I am a huge fan of Quake 3 and simply can't wait for Quake Live open beta to start. Actually, maybe I'll shoot an e-mail over to id's press contacts and see about a closed beta slot. Between this news bit and yesterdays random post on Rock Paper Shotgun about Q3A - I once again reinstalled. [![Quake 3 Arena](/conQuake 3 Arenaet/content/images/ioquake3_01.jpg) It's not really easy to play with the broken wrist - holding the mouse is very difficult and just a bit painful. I did put in a bit of time against the bots which was fun - I'd be absolutely destroyed if I played on-line in this state so I skipped that. Anyway, I should probably go get some ice to put on my wrist.