RMT versus Time in Guild Wars 2

This past Sunday while I was playing Guild Wars 2, I remembered the spare $10 burning a hole in my PayPal account. So, I figured why not use it to buy some gems to use in-game. I mean then I could unlock an extra character slot or maybe some more bank or bag space (it fills up so fast). After thinking about it for a bit, I pulled the trigger and purchased 800 gems. It was a standard PayPal transaction, so I did unfortunately have to leave the game for a moment but everything worked nice and smooth. There have been some reports around about people not receiving gems for a while after buy, lucky for me though, mine were there seconds after the transaction completed. 800 shiny new gems, now I just needed to figure out what to do with them. Jumping into the section of the trading post that requires gems I decided I didn't want any of the items that didn't really fit in the game. What were they thinking with that decision anyway? Sun glasses and boxing gloves? Anyway, I thought about buying a couple of boosts and quickly decided not to bother. In the end I bought two packs of mini pets for 300 gems each. After opening my new gifts I had six new pets, but one was a duplicate. That was kind of disappointing but really not unexpected. Shortly afterward, I started to wonder just how much work it would be to get mini pets off the trading post - and as it turns out, not much. I jumped into the trading post sold my duplicate mini pet for about 20 silver and turned around and placed two buy orders for a couple of more common fine (blue) pets. Since I had placed my buy orders about 50 silver higher than the then top order it they completed in a matter of minutes. So far so good, but now I had no money. There was, however, a quick solution for that as I happened to have 250 copper ingots sitting in my bank. The ingots I listed on the trading post priced to bring in about one gold, this would set me up with a nice chunk of change - which I was about to blow on little virtual “pets” for my little virtual guy. Using the funds from my ingots I was able to place buy orders around nine more pets. At the time, prices for the fine pets, ran from about six silver to around 16 for the mini Jungle Stalker - it’d have to wait till I had a bit more coin. I had gathered my earlier 250 copper ingots over the course of just playing the game, stopping at nodes to mine as I passed them. I figured I could spend an hour or two in the lands around Queensdale and easily pick up more copper ore. I restocked my mining picks, bringing along 500, it takes two copper ore to create one copper ingot. For the next maybe hour and a half, I gathered all the copper I could find out in the field. I wish I had timed it better but, I wasn't thinking about the post when I started - just all the shiny new mini pets I’d have. Of course, there could be better places in the game to “farm” copper and I’m sure I didn't run the most efficient path around the map but I did end up about 380 pieces of copper ore when I decided to call it quits for the night, after all running around like that isn't exactly exciting. Before logging off though, I want back to the Trading Post and placed a few more orders. I checked the next morning and most of my orders had been fulfilled, a couple I had to replace at slightly higher prices as someone had come along after me and placed an order one copper higher than mine. When all was said and done I had a total of 31 mini pets, 26 then made from my time “farming” which I’m was about two hours of “work”, plus the time I had spent getting the first 250 ingots. Currently, of the “Set 1” mini pets I have all the fine (blue) ones and ten of the masterwork (green) ones. The prices start to ramp up rather quickly once you've hit the master work level since the rarity increases so, it would probably take a bit more farming to get enough money to continue purchasing. So, what was the point of that? Well, that’s for you to decide, if you've got spare money burning a hole in your pocket and no time then by all means buy gems - and convert them to coin, which I would have done if I knew upfront I was in the market for pets. Or if you have some spare time and the want, then take an hour or two and gather up enough materials to sell for a few silver. Of course you don’t even need to “farm” you can just simply play the game, over the course of playing you’ll easily amass enough coin and gathered materials that you can get whatever you want, mini pets or other.