Sega Taps Planet Moon

Sega has announced that Planet Moon Studios will be developing a PSP game based on "classic content".

"SEGA’s vast library of properties allows for unlimited possibilities in revitalising fan-favourites on the PSP," said Bob Stevenson, Co-Founder and CEO of Planet Moon Studios. "Our passion for SEGA’s classic brands combined with our extensive background in crafting original games will help us create a compelling new chapter in this fan-favourite franchise."

"With an incredible archive of established franchises, SEGA is always seeking to establish strategic partnerships with top development talent to revitalise our vintage brands," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "Planet Moon’s reputation of creating critically acclaimed games makes them the perfect choice to inject originality and ingenuity to our classic IPs."

Sega seems to be committed to breathing some new life into it's vast back catalog of titles. As soon as I find out exactly which IP has been picked I'll pass it on.