Seven Days

WTF Mate? The release date of 'Loop' seems to be wrong! Barnes and Noble ( ) now have it listed as coming out in July 2005. My good friends over at Amazon ( ) have it listed as May 25, 2005 - which is where I got my date from to begin with. Something isn't right here! On Vertical's page ( ) they have the book listed as 'Spring 2005'. This sucks I was looking forward to reading it finally. But, there is some good news. Vertical has 'Birthday' listed as coming out sometime in the future also. And to top it all off they have some copies of 'Dark Water' (a the remake of the film version should be hitting screens this summer I think) signed...

There are a limited number of signed copies of Dark Water available for sale - and this is the only place to get 'em!

And at only $35 who wouldn't want one? Actually, most people won't want one - but I do! And what does this bring us to? Well, my question is why would Hollywood bother making another Ring movie? Didn't 'The Ring 2' do bad at the box office? ( ) It's not set in stone but I guess they'll just do some sort of rip off on Birthday and call it a trilogy. Bah, I'll just torrent the work print again cause it probably won't be worth my $8.50 (or however much it costs by then) to go see it. Oh, and I just wanted to point this out. Well, I myself am not the king speller or linguist I would hope that a book publisher wouldn't have an error on thier webpage. > possibly betraying his species and bringing back his frowned son. You don�t know what the Ring is yet�

Anyway, I think I'll go back to playing 'Myth II' (or 'old-ass game' as a co-worker calls it).