Sickness, NOPs and Nintendo DS

So I've been very sick the last couple of days. I did however find some time in my haze to get some programs byte patched. Finally.

0xa8fbb -> 0x90 0xa8fbc -> 0x90 0xa8fbd -> 0x90 0xa8fbe -> 0x90 0xa8fbf -> 0x90

Doesn't look like much but those five 'No Operations' make a big difference! Maybe I'll go into some greater detail later on. Anyway, being sick does not excuse me from missing this fine tidbit, you can see the link above and BTW the parser didn't work right [and that sucks cause I have a lot of links this post]. ( ) It seems darkfader ( ) has done it again and made more progress with the Nintendo DS ( ) encryption. It looks like from the sites I checked out that the whole scheme is going to be broken within a week or two. Now, where are the DS emulators? And it looks like another good thing has been picked up on in the mass media. ( ) That's right, now that more and more people are downloading TV off the i'net 'The Man' has something else to get crazed about. Oh well, we might lose the BT file sharing but IRC will never be popular with the mass internet culture so that's where I will be. g'dnight all!