Sill Life

So I did something odd this past weekend. I went over to Best Buy and actually bought a computer game. Yeah I know... WTF? What caused me to do this? Well, my girlfriend was telling me a day or so before that she wished she had another game to play besides 'The Sims'. So, since it was Saturday and she was at work I went to get the game that I think (I still don't know if she does) she might like. What's this game? It was 'Still Life' ( ). I figured since it is an adventure game that she would be into it. I installed the game onto her computer and preceded to play for the next several hours. The game is fairly straight forward. Every character you encounter direct you toward the next step in the game. The puzzles that I've seen so far are pretty tough. The baking puzzle has got to be the hardest. I'm not ashamed to say that I headed over to GameFaqs ( ) for a helping hand on that one. Game play is pretty standard move your mouse cursor around the screen and wait for it to change to a different style cursor at which point click and do some task. Moving around is point and click and with a double click your character will break into some sort of shambling run. The voice acting has to be the worst part of the entire game. And that brings me to a small aside... Did the voice acting get redone for the Xbox version? There is a review of it done by Ashley - mumble mumble something or other - in the June issue of Play Magazine ( ) in which she says something like 'the voice acting is great and totally believable'. I don't know but maybe the PC version is different. The voice acting is ok I guess but not in the least location accurate. The pre-rendered back grounds look great and the movies are just fantastic looking. The opening movie is fantastic. The character models are very well done but the animation seems a little jerky to me. And I won't even mention anything about the mouth movements matching up with the dialog. The running animation just seems all wrong to me. It just look awkward. The music for the game fits in very well it's all most ashamed that there is so little. If you want to check it out go over to Grawl ( ) and check the downloads section for an FTP which has the 'soundtrack'. All in all the game is pretty good. I won't really get another chance to play till this weekend but if I have enough time maybe I can finish it up.