On the 6th slackware dot org ( http://www.slackware.org ) has released a new build of Slackware Linux, version 10.1 for those keeping track. Slackware has long been my favorite distro so it looks like I'll be pulling angstridden dot net off-line tonight to rebuild it with the new release. angstridden is currently running version 9.1 so it's a bit behind. I'll post my thoughts sometime tomorrow I guess (if I get a chance). Download slackware from bittorrent ( http://www.slackware.org/getslack/torrents.php ). I don't think anyone who looks at this site actually cares (or follows this type of thing) but darkfader ( http://darkfader.net/ds/ and http://hackds.blogspot.com/ ) has been working his magic on the Nintendo DS ( http://www.nintendo.com/systemsds ) much to the delight of the homebrew (and rom communities). He was the first person to actually run homebrew code on the DS as well as the first to dump the Metroid DS Demo and Mario DS game carts. He is currently working on fully cracking the DS encryption scheme and if you want to help him out he's made a distributed client ( http://darkfader.net/ds/stats.php ) to work the numbers. Currently the 1st test is at 63% done with some 290 different clients running his program. So, if you've got some spare CPU time (and trust me you had better have a good CPU fan since this code pushes it up to 99%) download the client and join the fun. That's all for now back to my day off.