SOE Announces Cash Money Chaos

CMC LogoThis morning Sony Online Entertainment has announced the existence of Cash Money Chaos for the PSP. Cash Money Chaos combines retro arcade game play with a twisted game show (think Smash TV). CMC contains more than 50 levels and takes advantage of the PSP system’s network capabilities making internet and local play for up to eight possible. About the game: After being captured by an alien race, you struggle through their idea of a twisted 70’s game show to save yourself and the human race. With over 50 blood-filled and body part-laden levels, CMC puts you right in the middle of a televised free-fire zone with two goals: get the cash and survive to the end. Featuring wickedly fast-paced, arcade-style action in a fully 3D world, you will fight dozens of enemies at once as you fight to stay alive. CMC’s multiplayer functionality allows up to eight friends to wirelessly team up or compete against each other in exciting online scenarios. As you kill enemies, they drop both cash and prizes to help you finish your goal. CMC is a futuristic and brutal experience with a sarcastic sense of humor.

Visit the CMC website for screen shots and concept art.