Strange Happenings

I did something incredibly out of character last week… I bought a PSP game! That’s right I’ve had my PSP since launch and just bought my first game! And that game is - "Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee". I bought it off Ebay because for some reason it’s still selling at Gamestop for $29.99 - for a USED copy! Why did I wait so long to buy a game? Well, to tell you the truth I haven’t used my PSP quite as much as I should and when I do – it has only been for homebrew. I have tried out some of the PSP games; Lumines for example is a great game – just not really one I wanted to purchase. I will probably be keeping a closer eye on Ebay however, now that MPH is making so much progress with his UMD loader, so I won’t have to upgrade my firmware. Hot Shots Quick Review: It’s a great little game. The graphics are tight and the play is fun. I love being able to exit and save the game between holes – excellent feature! If you have a PSP, you should really pick this gem up.