Taito Legends Power Up PSP

[![{taito_legends} Eur{taito_legends} Euro-Pack Shotet/content/images/taito_pu_psp_2d_uk1.jpg "{taito_legends} Euro-Pack Shot")

I just recieved an e-mail with the Euro-pack shot and some screens. Some of the classic Taito titles inculded are: Alphine Ski, Elevator Action, Rainbow Island Extra, Crazy Ballon, Chack n' Pop, Lunar Rescue, Balloon Bomber, Legend of Kage, The Fairyland Story, Rastan, The New Z**ealand Story, Raimais, Cameltry, Qix, Kiki Kaikai, and Kuri Kinton. There is still no US release date. :( But, I'm pretty sure all of these titles are emulated through MAME so I probably won't be picking it up when it does come out. [![{taito_legends} Bal{taito_legends} Balloon Bomberet/content/images/balloon_bomber_enhanced.jpg "{taito_legends} Balloon Bomber") [![{taito_legends} Cam{taito_legends} Cameltryet/content/images/cameltry_enhanced.jpg "{taito_legends} Cameltry")

[![{taito_legends} Cra{taito_legends} Crazy Balloonet/content/images/crazy_balloon_enhanced.jpg "{taito_legends} Crazy Balloon") [![{taito_legends} Leg{taito_legends} Legend Of Kageet/content/images/legend_of_kage_enhanced.jpg "{taito_legends} Legend Of Kage")