Taito Legends Power Up PSP

{taito_legends} Euro-Pack Shot

I just recieved an e-mail with the Euro-pack shot and some screens. Some of the classic Taito titles inculded are: Alphine Ski, Elevator Action, Rainbow Island Extra, Crazy Ballon, Chack n' Pop, Lunar Rescue, Balloon Bomber, Legend of Kage, The Fairyland Story, Rastan, The New Zealand Story, Raimais, Cameltry, Qix, Kiki Kaikai, and Kuri Kinton. There is still no US release date. :( But, I'm pretty sure all of these titles are emulated through MAME so I probably won't be picking it up when it does come out. {taito<em>legends} Balloon Bomber {taito</em>legends} Cameltry

{taito<em>legends} Crazy Balloon {taito</em>legends} Legend Of Kage