More on Xbox 360 backwards compatibility - Joystiq -www.joystiq.com ( http://www.joystiq.com/entry/1234000137046044/ )

By now we%u2019ve all heard that the Xbox 360 will support %u201Cmost top selling Xbox games%u201D. And in truth, we%u2019re willing to bet that most of the entire catalogue for the Xbox will run on the 360. Basically, it%u2019s been worked out so that the 360 will emulate the original Xbox to an extent that all single layer games will be supported. For popular multi-layered games, Microsoft will install a number of patches on the preloaded hard drive and has promised to release more depending on the level of demand.

I'm just testing some code updates and a hacked out Mozilla Firefox ( http://www.mozilla.org ) plugin. More code updates of the next couple of days (maybe). And some more game goodness tomorrow.