That lil' bastard will bite your head off!

I've been putting off posting this... Alright, I admit - I keep forgetting. Anyway, I hope you all know about (if not wtf mate?). Anyway, back in 2002 a game called 'Alien Hominid' ( ) was released. Then a strange thing happened the people behind it ( ) rewrote it as a console game. Not being a PS2 or GC owner, personally I ignored the release of the game and sat in my corner waiting for the Xbox version to hit the scene. Well, here in the US we (well not quite everyone) are still waiting (And US stores don't seem to have a solid release date). On May, 27th the Xbox version came out in Europe. Lucky for me a few days later I had my copy. And I am glad I got it! The game like the early Flash version looks just fantastic! Of course it looks great - it's the same people from the original. image The game is hard! Let's just make that clear right now. There are no unlimited continues or any of that crap. That means you better have the hand eye coordination to keep track of all the bullets flying around the screen. image I don't have any screens of the included mini-games but I have tried a couple and they are great. The EU version has exclusive content that can be downloaded also. We'll have to wait and see if this great game actually comes out in the US... Take it with a grain of salt but Gamestop has it listed as an August release ( ). image Anyway, visit the web site for more info ( ) and a great batch of product based on the game.