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The Deep Ones

It's all Mikey's fault! Because of him - I can't get this damn idea out of my head - unless - I chase it out - with a bullet. The plan is to one day get together with some of his friends and play a pen and paper Cthulhu game. And someday it might happen. That reminded me of something that we had talked about long ago. The idea was to create a system so the game could take place over the i'net. Not much ever come of the idea... I remembered that idea the other day and just haven't been able to let it go. Maybe it's because I've got a strong enough background now with PHP/MySQL that I could probably make it work. Cthulhu in a web based environment. Hmm. It might be fun... Where to begin? OK. Databases. First database table would hold user data - e-mail addresses and stuff like that. The second database would hold character info - stats, levels, etc. The tables would be able to be referenced by a common user id number. Character generation would be a simple matter since once you've got your base stats it's all simple math to figure everything else out. Mike (or Google for that matter) could give me all that info. Look at that - a quick trip to Usenet get's me 'D20_WTC_88624_Call of Cthulhu - Official Character Sheet.pdf' that should give me everything I need for the character table. I'll have to ask Mike about the rest later. The problem is where do I put people. NPC's, players, horrors? I would need to build the code to make a 'living/breathing' town/city/country side. I need to start with a small location say ummm - a farmhouse. Then I can limit it to general places around the farmhouse. For instance: 'the fields', 'the barn', 'the silo', and the farm house itself. This could lead into at least one NPC - the farmer. Farmers have a pretty strict schedule don't they? So, depending on time of day (based on real time * 10 or something like that) the farmer would be in different locations around the farm. That seems pretty broken down so it should be a nice start.

So, I guess I could whip up a couple of tables (user_accounts, characters, npc) and then move on to some basic location code from there. Well, I'm going to make some ramen noodles...