The man with seven wounds...

While taking a break from job hunting I was checking out Insert Credit ( ) and I came across news of a new 'Fist of the North Star' arcade game. 'Hokuto No Ken' is without a doubt one of my favorite series ever! It's too bad we won't see this one emulated for quite a while. I might have to go pick up a Atomiswave board for a low sum of $395 over at CoinOpExpress ( ). Of course the game cart is probably going to be another $500 or so...

There is already a website up over at Sega for the game ( []( ) and it seems the game will be out 'this winter'. It's a pity the game probably won't make it into any arcades near me. I'd really like to play it.
Check out all of the preview screens over at Gpara ( )