The Unfinished

Now that Mirror's Edge is down to a reasonable $19.99 on Steam, I've been really thinking about picking up a copy. However, when discussing this the other day with a friend, I got called out for playing (and not finishing) too many games. He's right I've started more games then I can count, and the Now Playing posts don't always cover games that I've started and never really gone back to. According to Steam I currently own 76 games. Out of those games there are 22 titles that have a clear start and an end, which I have yet to finish. There are a couple I do want to get back to like, Beyond Good and Evil, Indigo Prophecy and definitely The Witcher. The others I want to finish at some point I'm just not in a rush to get back to them. On the PS2 side of things I really need to finish up ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, as well as Killzone. Then there are games I doubt I'll ever actually finish, like Persona 3 (not to mention FES), Persona 4 and Devil Summoner 2. I just don't have the time to give Atlus titles what they deserve. I feel a bit better about not working on Persona 4 that much more since I've caught a few random episodes of Giant Bomb's Endurance Run. I need to check out the Xbox 360 back catalog and see if there are some console exclusives that I want to go back and play. I say console exclusives because lately due to Steam, and buying a new computer, I've finally swung back around to being more of a PC gamer. Not that I ever stopped playing games on the PC it's just that I find myself turning on my 360 less and less. Also, I have to figure by the time I pick up a PS3 it will probably have a OK library of exclusives as well. I'm thinking maybe I'll do a full catalog of games I haven't finished and start forcing my way through. Oh, and I did pick up Mirror's Edge... so the Steam game count is up to 77.