THuD and PSP

Ever since I read a preview for the new 'Hulk' game I've been waiting to get my hands on it. And since it's finally out and I've got a few moments of game time - let's see what it's like.

I guess I can start by saying that I've played pretty much nonstop for the pass couple of hours and damn was it fun. Those crazy Canucks up at Radical ( []( ) did a great job with this title. It gave me great amounts of pleasure running around beating up on almost everything in sight. The story so far seems nice and tight (since it's penned by comic regulars then it better be I suppose) and is nicely paced since you can opt to do side 'missions' in between going through the chapters. I say side 'missions' since it seems that most of the extras are crazy little tasks like 'Hit the grunt as far as you can with an iron pole' or 'Run from point A to point B following these marker things'. The controls are smooth as hell also - I haven't noticed any awkward moments which can kill the play experience.
I've finished a nice chuck of the game so far... And I can't wait to finish the rest... I does kind of bug me though that every time you finish a chapter instead of getting a cut scene in most cases you get a small chunk of text with a piece of the story. Anyway, if you haven't had a chance you better at least rent this game you won't regret it!
__________________________________ ___ _ _ In other news it looks like the long awaited PSP downgrader may be hitting the interweb soon. Maybe. If it's even real. Honestly, I don't care I've got my PSP at 1.50 for now and that's where it is staying. One thing that I have noticed while trying to follow all the PSP 'news' is that most of the people in this small community are a bunch of jerks. It's all name calling and 'screaming' all the time. Heh. All the more reason to check Maxconsole ( []( ) instead of PSPUpdates...