Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 PSP

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

The first game I bought for my PSP was Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, and out of any game I've bought/borrowed/rented, it has spent more time in the UMD slot then any other. Well, a couple of days ago a friend of mine turned up with a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, and after a bit of haggling he left with out it - giving me a couple of days to check it out. I have never played a golf sports sim and honestly after this I think I know why. It is very unforgiving, I'm having a hell of a time getting used to the controls. Your swing is controlled by the analog nub, pull down for back swing and then push up to swing. The putting system is very odd - showing you the line of the ball before the putt (I think I'm getting used to that though). One interesting aspect of the game so far (I'm only three "days" into it) is EA's GameFace - it makes it possible to create an in game character with a pretty close resemblence to the player. I'm going to give the game a couple more hours and see how I feel about it then - it has almost caused me to break a knuckle already... [![{tigertigerwoodsyal{tigertigerwoodsyall} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07et/content/images/twpga07_02.jpg "{tigertigerwoodsyall} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07") [![{tigertigerwoodsyal{tigertigerwoodsyall} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07et/content/images/twpga07_03.jpg "{tigertigerwoodsyall} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07") [![{tigertigerwoodsyal{tigertigerwoodsyall} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07et/content/images/twpga07_04.jpg "{tigertigerwoodsyall} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07") [![{tigertigerwoodsyal{tigertigerwoodsyall} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07et/content/images/twpga07_05.jpg "{tigertigerwoodsyall} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07") Click For Full Size