TiTAN MilkyPlayer for PSP

It seems the TiTAN Demo group has released a music player for the PSP! I have yet to try it out unfortunately but, from the comments on the release thread most people seem to like it. It supports a large number of the file formats used by many of the old school scene musicians so finding music to listen to shouldn't be a problem. Check out Defacto2 for some links or grab a couple of music disks from TiTAN's release page. Supported file-types:

.669: 669 Composer/Unis669 (PC) .AMF: Asylum Music Format ("Crusader" ingame music) (PC) .AMS: Extreme Tracker and Velvet Studio (PC) .CBA: Chuck Biscuits+Black Artist module format (PC) .DBM: DigiBooster Pro (Amiga) .DIGI: Digibooster 1.0-1.7 (Amiga) .DSM: Old DSIK and Dynamic Studio (PC) .DTM: DigiTrekker 3.0 (PC) / Digital Tracker (Atari) .FAR: Farandole Composer (PC) .GDM: General Digimusic (PC) .GMC: Game Music Creator (Amiga) .IMF: Imago Orpheus (PC) .IT: Impulse Tracker (PC) .MDL: DigiTrakker 1.0-3.0 (PC) .MOD: Sound-/ProTracker and variants (Amiga+PC) .MTM: MultiTracker (PC) .MXM: Cubic Tiny XM (PC) .OKT: Oktalyzer (Amiga) .PLM: DisorderTracker II (PC) .PSM: Epic MegaGames MASI (PC) .PTM: PolyTracker (PC) .S3M: ScreamTracker 3.0 (PC) .STM: ScreamTracker 2.0 (PC) .ULT: UltraTracker (PC) .UNI: MikMod (PC) .XM: FastTracker II (PC) Hopefully, I'll be able to get a few minutes of pullout some of Skaven and Purple Motion's tunes to test this thing out with. via DCemu