Tomb Raider: Legend - 85%

Well, six hours of game play later and I've finished the story of Tomb Raider: Legend. I still need to collect all the artifacts and do the time trials before the game is 100% but, I doubt I'll bother to do that. I'm a little disappointed that the game was so short and very disappointed with it's "Halo 2" style ending. On the other hand, I don't really have a schedule that it suitable for prolonged gaming sessions so maybe the length is for the best. All in all - pretty solid game for what may be the last in the series. As I said yesterday the combat mechanics are a bit shoddy. And it gets much more annoying later in the game - I had to consistently run and jump up to where the enemies were standing just to hit them. I always figured Lara for a much better shot then that - I guess I was wrong. The puzzle elements of the game are good and not overwhelmingly difficult to solve. Some of the reviewers didn't like the motorcycle sections of the game but I didn't really mind it. Although, the Kazakhstan (must every game have a Kazakhstan stage these days?) one was a tad to long - made it a bit boring. I had a good time and was pleased enough that maybe someday I will go back back and 100% it... Related Links: