Tomb Raider: Legend came out for the PSP this week so I decided to sit down and get it a try. I may be bit spoiled from playing the Xbox version but, I could barely get through the first stage - it just felt clunky. Maybe it's just every game that needs a second analog stick just shouldn't be released on the PSP. For the most part it controls rather nicely - having the benefit of already knowing the stage that is. I couldn't imagine having to actually explore to find where to go next. Gun play isn't that bad - as long as you don't try to turn to fast the enemy! It's easier to just back up till they are on screen. Graphically, the game is on par with most other PSP offerings - it looks nice on that screen. Although, I'm surprised Eidos decided to stuff the game into PSP shape. To sum it up: Look for my copy on Ebay soon.