Turkey Recovery

It's about time to pull myself out of the turkey coma. During the holiday I was able to finish up the single player parts of The Orange Box. Portal is an absolutely amazing game, as is Episode 2. Episode 2 however, left me wishing Valve didn't take so long with there episodic content. I still need to put in some Team Fortress 2 time but the little bit that I did play was fun. The rest of my vacation time consisted of playing Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It was an odd choice since I've never played FFXII and had no idea who any of the characters where. But, the game quickly grew on me and I've managed to get about 70% through the game so far. Basically, the game is an RTS/RPG type thing but, either element overpowering the experience. Battle are a bit simplistic, with victory being decided with how many melee combatants you summon. However, there were a few battles where I did find that to not work and instead had to approach the situation with a more thought out attack plan. Graphically, the game is very well done - the character sprites can become very pixelated in a few scenes however, the cut scenes are typical Square-Enix things of beauty. I found the controls to be decent - I had no issues navigating menus, issuing commands or moving my characters. The sound is again typical for a Square-Enix game, the sound track is great - so play with headphones. Over all a great game - hopefully, I'll be able to finish it some time soon.