Video Games and Stuff

Time to blow some dust off and do a little spring cleaning. Honestly, I may need to complete re-install everything on the site, this version of WordPress has been through some many upgrades I'm surprised it's still standing. I guess will just fall back into the old routine. What have I been playing? Lots of stuff really. I picked up a copy of Shogun 2 during a Steam sale a week or so back and I've been enjoying it. I've actually taken to live streaming my play which has been fun as well, you can check that out over at if you want. I've been also been playing a large number of rogue-likes. My favorite right now has to be Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, odd title but great game. On the subject of dungeon crawling, I've also thrown up a sub-domain here on called which I've started using as a "devlog" of sorts for a small project I've been slowly working on. It's mostly just ramblings that I'm jotting down to remind myself since this project isn't a main focus right now. I don't have a playable build up just yet but it's getting much closer. Of course my definition of playable is a bit off since you can technically 'play' it now but, I don't think it's quite ready for anyone to see it. Soon though! Anyway, I suppose I should get back to backing the site up if I'm going to re-install everything.