Vinyl ???

I'm addicted! I admit it. I'm not even sure how it happened... Somehow a couple of weeks ago I came across VinylPulse ( ). A that was the start of my downfall. After looking around VinylPulse's links to artists and other 'designer vinyl' (read as 'toys') sites and found a cool ass Coke ( ) Trexi ( ). I wanted it so I went on Ebay ( ) and got it.

It started simple enough. It really did... Then I was doing some work over on 5th Ave. And I decided to drop into Kidrobot ( []( ). One side note: there is no parking on the street where KidRobot NYC is located so if you drive up you'll find a spot. Just be quick in the store (or leave someone outside by the car). That trip landed me a second Trexi figure. It was all down hill after that next thing I know I'm on Ebay looking for anything I can get. My collection is still pretty small at only five pieces here but I've got three more Kidrobot Dunny's, a super limited edition Trexi (San Diego Comic Con chase version by Lase).
It's the one on the left. And of course (if I can figure out how to transfer the money) a 'Trapped in Space' Trexi signed by the designer Erwin Weber ( []( ). Anyway, time to check out 'Sniper Elite' then back to job hunting...