Want to own your own online game?

Well, you can if you act now! Operators are standing by!

Ferion ( [http://www.ferion.com](http://www.ferion.com) ) the massive on line space game is for sale.After 6 years of full devotion to the game the development team has opened the possibility for Ferion to have a new owner. Ferion is a popular web based strategy game that has gathered a large and loyal community that love and support the game. Through the years Ferion has proven to be one of the most challenging and versatile space games available on the net. Interested buyers can contact us directly for more information at [ferion@ferion.com](mailto:ferion@ferion.com)
If you buy it I want a free account. ![](/contentsmileys/gray/biggrin.gif) *edit: Never trust the spell checker!