What's a LoRD-like?

In the beginning...

Back when we only had dialup connections most online games were text based. With only ANSI graphics, some flavor text, and your imagination to complete the picture. A typical scene in LoRD would present you with a short description of the area and a prompt for input.

Look for something to kill!

also have our basic stats and number or remaining fights. This was important at the time, basically, SysOps didn't want people tying up the BBS's phone lines.

Fight fight fight!

And then...

How do we translate this to a "modern" browser game? The plan right now is to use a very similar method, each scene will have it's own URL, such as example.com/town or example.com/forest. The server will track a players current position allowing it to determine where they can move to or what actions they can perform. This will prevent players from simply changing the URL from something like /inn to /forest. After all, you have to exit the inn into the town proper and then leave town to enter the forest.

You can see this in action on the current version of the server. It's rather crude at the moment and really only serves as a proof of concept. It's likely that we'll move over to using something like Angular or Ember to keep everything on a single page. But for the time being this is should with a little jQuery thrown in.

Over the next day or so I'll be planning out a system to do basic interactions at each location, starting with the bank I think. If you have any ideas be sure to let me know.