WINUAE v0.52

This morning I noticed that an update to the PSP port of the WINUAE Amiga emulator was released. I've used the Windows version of WINUAE so I figured I might as well give the PSP version a try. The emulator does not come with the Amiga Kickstart ROMs needed to boot the emulator but, with some good Google searching you should have no problem tracking them down. Take a look at the emulators readme for details. The archive I downloaded from DCEmu did not have the STATE or DISKS directories only files with the same names. Since you need those directories for disk files and save states I deleted the files and created the directories. Not wanting to bother tracking down Amiga games I decided to head directly to Pouet Dot Net and download the first Amiga cracktro that caught my eye. I ended up with The Immortal by Paradox. WINUAE expects the file images to end in a .ADF (Amiga Disk File) extension which the files on Pouet do not include so you'll have to add it yourself. After spending a good hour trying different settings I finally got it to run at almost acceptable speeds. I was using Kickstart ROM v3.1 for the A1200 (for anyone interested it's CRC is 1483A091). My other settings were as follows:

Frameskip: Auto CPU Type: 68020 Fastmem Size: 0kb Chipmem Size: 2048kb Bogomem Size: 2048kb Sound Emulation: normal Stero: mono Kickstart: 3.1

I messed around with changing the Fastmem setting but it didn't seem to do much in the way of improving the emulation. So far I would have to say that the emulator isn't quite good enough for general use. Cheers to Ric for the great work on this port. Update I forgot to mention, when exiting the emulator do it through the options menu. Exiting via the PSP's home button doesn't seem to work.