World versus World in Guild Wars 2

Last night I took some time out to join some of my guild mates in Guild Wars 2 in World versus World, or WvWvW as its also known, for a few hours to see what all the fuss is about. Boiled down, it's basically large-scale player versus player pitting three servers against one another. Last night it was those of us on 'Sanctum of Rall' against 'The Tarnished Coast' and 'Yak's Bend' in a fight to see which server could take and hold more strategic points on the map. The organized guild event was to take place at 6PM PST, knowing that WvWvW has been seriously backed up since release I was sure to queue up about 45 minutes early. Figured it would be just enough time to run around gathering materials but, that's another post altogether. I ended up waiting around 35 minutes  I believe, I didn't really time it since was keeping myself busy.


Once loaded into the map I found myself in a castle with vendors and repair NPC's close by. Our guild uses RaidCall for communication during community events I was quickly able to get my bearings, figure out who was "in charge" and find my way to the mob. Mob's not really the word, in-game it's referred to as a Zerg and that fits better. Anyone who's played StarCraft knows can imagine what it looks like when dozens of players come swarming down over all wall. When I caught up with everyone they were on the way to a supply depot to the west of the keep spawn. We quickly dispatched the one or two player characters in the area and mowed down the NPC's. I unlocked an achievement tier called 'Yakslapper' for destroying a caravan carrying supplies for one of the other servers. This is mostly how the first part of my experience went, running after the Zerg, attacking and staking fallen enemies. Awesome! So far so good, this WvW stuff is great! No so fast, it was at the time of my first death that I realized one of the my least favorite things about WvW. Once I died I was given a choice to warp to a way point, back where you start on first loading the map. This meant I spawned, ran over to the repair vendor and then had to run all the way back to the Zerg. Which was absolutely no fun and a couple of times made even worse due to missing actually meeting up with the group as they had already moved off in some other direction. On one memorable occasion I had run the path and found everyone just in time to have the 'raid leader' call out: "Everyone warp back and head toward east supply." Bah. I was just at east supply not 5 minutes ago, I ran through there to get where I was. Even with the issues of meeting up with the group though, I have to admit I had a good time - I'll probably be giving WvW a few more goes, heck I might even start to like it.