Worst Friday Ever

I hate Fridays. Well, from now on I hate Fridays - I had the worst Friday yesterday. After a long day of 'computer consulting' I decided to stop off at a friends house so I could finally check out Assassin's Creed. The first thing I did was attempt to recover my gamer tag to his Xbox - after all, if I'm going to play I better get my achievement points. Anyway, a some point during the recovery process I get a message stating: "Xbox Live sign up is currently unavailable. Please try again later." No big deal, I'll try again later. So, after playing the game (and not getting achievements added to my gamer tag) for a while I decide to try and recover again. Still, it's not working. I returned home and tried several more times over the next couple of hours - only to have it fail each time. Now, I'm starting to get a bit panicked - I don't want to lose my score or achievements. So, I contact Live support through Xbox.com and this morning I receive a canned e-mail, from someone named June. The e-mail informed me that I could be seeing that error message under certain conditions, most of which seemed to involve moving a Live account from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360. Not something I wanted to hear - I had already read about that. So, that's where I am with Live right now - unable to full recover my profile and waiting to hear back from tech support. If it isn't resolved soon I'm going to go crazy. I need my achievements! While all that is going on, I had decided I would play some Guild Wars. Well, I wanted to play but, I didn't actually get a chance to. After logging on I decided that I should finally pick up Eye of the North and Nightfall, after all if I bought them now I'd get 50% off Nightfall. I believed I had finally moved past the need to own the physical box and game disc. What a mistake that was. During the check out I received an error: "Product distribution failed (Code=1751126)". [NOOOOOOOOO That's just great! Looking at my debit card account I can clearly see there is a charge pending for the exact cost of the PlayNC transaction. Perfect! The charges go through - and I don't get my games. I'm so glad I decided to give digital distribution a try. Looking at my PlayNC account you can clearly see that something has happened to my account yesterday - as a new serial number was applied. But, still I don't have access to the games. [![GW Account](/contenGW Accountet/content/images/guildwars_wtf_02.jpg "GW Account") Blargh. I hate Fridays.