Steam Deck

Like many others I jumped in line back when the Steam Deck right when reservations opened up. Around 3 weeks ago the waiting paid off and I received my Deck. Since I’ve had it for a little while, I’ve had a chance to play a few games on it. And since I’m dusting off I figured it might be a good time to write up a little post.

PC Gaming

We currently have only one “gaming” PC in the house, and that is my main computer. My little one really enjoys playing Minecraft on it. This used to mean I was relegated to playing Switch games if I wanted to play something. No more! The first game I played on the Deck was Spiderman. Wow does it look and play great! In fact, I was quick to declare that the Deck would pay for itself in no time. I’ve had a chance to play a few Steam games and they have been great. Mark of the Ninja and Judgment are two current games that I need to put time into. So far though each plays perfect on the Deck.


I’m a bit of an emulation nerd so one of the first things I did was install Emudeck. Once installed I transferred a few PSP .iso’s over and spent a good while playing various games. It was wonderful. I could easily fill my 1TB sdcard with roms and probably will at some point. Emudeck takes care of almost all the heavy lifting. It downloads all the emulators and applies some basic configurations to each. All the user needs to do is put the roms in the right directories.

Remember to add your games here:
And your Bios (PS1, PS2, Yuzu, Ryujinx) here:

That’s it?

That’s all for this quick post, maybe after I get further into Judgment I’ll write up a post about it.


  • Emulation powerhouse
  • Great build quality


  • Battery life can be a drag